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VIP Account Benefits
Benefit Description
Login Priority If the server has a queue, VIP players will have priority in the queue position.
Additional Critical Hit All characters on the account will have an additional 3% critical hit chance.
Full Blessings When buying blessings from the Inquisition NPC, the character will receive all 7 blessings.
EXP Bonus Every defeated monster will grant a 10% experience bonus.
Exercise Weapons The speed of all exercise weapons is increased by 10%.
Life Regeneration There is an additional life regeneration of 10 every 3 seconds.
Mana Regeneration There is an additional mana regeneration of 20 every 3 seconds.
No House Absence Instead of 7 days offline, VIP players can be offline for 10 days.
Mounts available for VIP

Loyalty Information
This bonus is tied to your account, therefore, it is non-transferable;
By purchasing the monthly VIP package in our store, your account will receive 1 loyalty point;
All characters on the account receive the skill bonus corresponding to the title;
To check your loyalty level, simply view your server log when accessing any character in the game;
Title Name Required Loyalty Points Additional Skill Amount
Scout of Tibia 0 +0
Sentinel of Tibia 1 +1
Steward of Tibia 3 +2
Warden of Tibia 6 +3
Squire of Tibia 9 +4
Warrior of Tibia 15 +5
Keeper of Tibia 21 +6
Guardian of Tibia 30 +7
Sage of Tibia 42 +8
Savant of Tibia 56 +9
Enlightened of Tibia 70 +10
Knights receive the bonus in the skills of axe, sword, club, and shielding.
Paladins receive the bonus in the skills of distance and shielding.
Druids receive the bonus in the skill of magic level.
Sorcerers receive the bonus in the skill of magic level.
The point related to the purchase of a 30-day VIP in the store is credited automatically to your account, and it doesn't require the days to pass like in the global server. Additionally, we have a fixed and incremental bonus up to +10 skill. It's an eternal bonus for your account, which is why the cost is progressive. We don't want it to be easily accessible to players because many invest a significant amount of time into their skills.

Boosted Creature Boosted Boss Monster Pedestal

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